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Des Moines Cisterns

Des Moines Cisterns

Cisterns are a viable alternative to wells. They are essentially water tanks, some which even collect rain water, used to supply water to a Des Moines residence as the primary or secondary source. The size of the cistern you will need for your home is dependent on the amount of occupants, their age and their behavior. Your local cistern dealer will be glad to discuss your needs.

Vanderhart Construction LLC is here to help you install your cisterns. We can dig the correct depth for the cisterns placement and all the small trenches required for the water flow pipes and, in appropriate cases, the pathways needed for the electrical supply. Cisterns are generally buried about four feet below ground level. This is to protect the cistern and its water supply from insects (like mosquitoes) and from freezing in subzero temperatures.

There are many reasons to choose to have a cistern installed on your property. Here are two of the most popular reasons:

Save money- by using the water your cistern has collected you save money on the utility bill for your water supply.

Environmentally friendly- Instead of taking from the local water supply you are getting your water from nature. By doing this you use less resources and thus leave less of a carbon footprint.

At first it may seem strange to drink and use rainwater but that is a common misconception with cisterns. Cisterns have water purification systems built in so you do not have to worry about the quality of the water connected to your Des Moines property.

As seasoned experts in the field Vanderhart Construction LLC can prepare a site for cistern installation usually in one day. When you go to your Des Moines cistern dealer they may already have a company for excavating the site in question. Once you get their quote give us a call. We will provide a free estimate which will almost certainly be less expensive than our competitor.