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Knoxville Rock Breaking and Removal

Knoxville Rock Breaking and Removal

Do you have many large rocks strewn about your property ruining the view of your Knoxville landscape and obstructing the possibility of beautifying your residence? Vanderhart Construction LLC is the answer for your issues. We can come to your commercial or residential property and take those boulders away with ease. We have all the necessary equipment to excavate, break and transport the stones that are in your way.

We do not use dynamite in our breaking or removal process. This is because explosives create seismic activity which can harm the stability of nearby structures. We have many hydraulic jack hammers; both connected to our excavators and hand held ones for those harder to reach areas. Depending on the situation we have expansion composites to break the rock from the inside out. Our fleet of hauling trucks can handle any load of debris and once the breaking process is completed we can often clear the area in a few hours.

Our technicians have years of experience handling rock breaking and removal projects in diverse locations. Regardless of the plot of land you wish to clear Vanderhart Construction LLC can get the job done. Furthermore, our Knoxville clients can rest assured that we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the project is performed safely. We also make it a priority to minimize the amount of disturbance done to the surrounding area.

As a full service excavation company, Vanderhart Construction LLC can also fill in the excavation site so that the area is flush after the rocks and boulders have been cleared. If you are unsure of what type of soil or gravel you would like the area to be filled with, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities for the site after it has been cleared to help you pick the right material for your needs.